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Ucardia Announces Acquisition

May 8, 2023

AUSTIN, TX and ST. LOUIS, MO (May 8, 2023) – Ucardia, a cardiac conditioning software developer, announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire Phas3, a pioneer in home-based cardiac rehab and fellow industry leader. This acquisition will result in a comprehensive, market-leading solution for providers, payers, and consumers, covering all facets of cardiac rehabilitation, conditioning, and remote monitoring for patients affected by cardiovascular disease (CVD).

“With Phas3’s compelling software that allows clinicians a convenient way to remotely monitor and engage their cardiac patients, we are confident we have a market-first product that truly allows for patient- and provider-partnered cardiac care for all modalities of remote care – from patients immediately post-discharge from a cardiac event who cannot attend traditional cardiac rehab, to patients looking for a supervised program to strengthen their heart at home,” said Nick Weber, Ucardia’s co-founder and CEO.

Ucardia and Phas3 will continue to support all existing customers and their patients in the companies’ joint portfolio and are excited to begin planning exciting new products and services that take advantage of their combined strengths.

“We are pleased to join the Ucardia family and share the company’s vision of serving even more CVD patients with our unique and powerful combination of software and clinical services” said Lucas Rydberg, Phas3’s co-founder and CEO.

Jointly with this acquisition, Ucardia is announcing its newest offering, Ucardia-at-Home, a comprehensive remote patient monitoring platform that enables cardiologists and physician practices to enhance the monitoring, engagement, education, and self-management of patients between traditional doctor visits and close the gap in patient care management.

“We see serving the physician practice segment as a natural extension of the missions of both Phas3 and Ucardia – continuing to make sure every CVD patient has the opportunity to receive critical monitoring and care while in the comfort and convenience of their home,” said Dan Ebeling, co-founder and COO of Phas3. “We believe in extending access to every patient who needs this essential care.”

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About Ucardia

Ucardia is a complete cardiac conditioning program built by patients, for patients. Ucardia was founded by a two-time cardiac rehabilitation patient with the mission of providing a truly patient- and provider-partnered virtual option for cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, and cardiac conditioning for patients who cannot access traditional facility-based programs. Ucardia combines experienced clinical care with a delightful-to-use tablet application, personalized exercise plan, and mental health, nutrition, and wellness content. Guided by a dedicated exercise physiologist, patients can complete monitored and asynchronous exercise from the comfort of their own home, regardless of location or time of day.

Every day, Ucardia works with patients and providers to advance wellness, reduce severity of disease, improve health equity, patient outcomes and quality of life for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. More information about Ucardia can be found at

About Phas3

Phas3 is a St. Louis-based company that works with cardiac rehab programs, health systems, and critical access hospitals to extend cost-effective, reimbursable cardiac rehab services to the home. Phas3 removes the barriers to participation and compliance while helping providers achieve financial viability. The Phas3 program and technology platform, including remote physiologic monitoring devices, makes CR viable for patients by allowing them to complete an industry-approved protocol at home, while costing them less than an in-clinic program and requiring fewer clinic visits. Phas3 also helps hospitals transform their CR department into a sustainable profit center by optimizing reimbursement, reducing staff burden, and supporting the business office by developing a customized CR financial model including support for the back-end claims process. More information about Phas3 can be found at