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Everyone's cardiac journey is unique.
Ucardia meets you where you are.

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Ucardia offers an unparalleled combination of cardiac wellness and recovery solutions designed to support your heart health from prevention to rehabilitation. Our solutions enable personalized, flexible, and affordable cardiac care - anytime, anywhere.


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Of adults ≥ 20 years of age have at least one risk factor for heart disease
The amount of money heart and vascular disease costs the U.S. every year
Every 40 seconds,
one person dies from heart disease
Average cost of heart disease for a patient every year

Heart Wellness with a Human Touch

Our certified, multi-lingual heart coaches are available 24/7, offering individualized guidance tailored to your unique journey.
Dive into live sessions, mindfulness practices, and curated content, all while experiencing the warmth and expertise of our multidisciplinary team. It’s time for heart care that's as unique as you are.

Your Gateway to Flexible, Comprehensive Cardiac Care

Whether you're seeking prevention, recovery, or overall wellness, we've got you covered. A holistic solution for individualized and streamlined care for individuals, employers, and healthcare providers alike.

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