Cardiac Rehabilitation

Everyone's recovery journey is unique.
Ucardia meets you where you are.

The Heart of the Matter.

The impact of cardiac rehabilitation has been demonstrated by researchers all over the world to improve outcomes after a cardiac event:

Reduction in All-Cause
Mortality Rates

45 %

90-Day Reduction in Readmissions

30 %

Average Savings to
Insurance Per Patient


Expert Care Team

Personalized rehabilitation sessions designed by leading cardiologists and exercise physiologists

1:1 Heart Health Coaching

Heart health coaches encourage patient participation to improve long-term recovery

User-friendly Platform

Built for providers and patients alike, our platform is intuitive and immediately ready to use

“Ucardia understands that each patient's recovery journey is unique. Our personalized platform helps patients reach their rehabilitation goals and achieve the best possible health outcomes.”

Nick Weber, CEO
"Ucardia brings a new opportunity to my practice in supporting my patients recover. I have seen more patients engage with Ucardia than with our facility-based cardiac rehab. I am thankful I can be a part of the recovery journey with my patients."

Sarah H, Cardiologist
"We were able to get Ucardia set up right away when our cardiac rehab facility closed down due to COVID-19 measures. It has allowed us to continue serving patients during this turbulent time. We are not going back."

Health System Administrator
"I wouldn't have been able to make it to my rehab sessions if it weren't for Ucardia. I can follow the program and interact with my health team whenever is convenient for me."

Jan S, 71, Patient
"I never had a team that was so dedicated to helping me get better after my heart attack. I have lost 18 pounds so far and enjoying every minute."

Juan P, 52, Patient
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