Employee Spotlight: Jenna Scott

August 5, 2022

We sat down and interviewed Ucardia's very own Head Exercise Physiologist, Jenna Scott, to chat about what excites her about the Ucardia mission.

Jenna Scott, BS, CEP, EIM3 is a certified clinical exercise physiologist with a total of 13 years of experience helping patients in both cardiac rehabilitation and clinical settings. She is ACSM certified and holds several nationally-recognized licenses in the medical field, including BLS, Outdoor Emergency Responder, and Enhanced External Counterpulsation.

Q: What motivated you to begin your journey with Ucardia?

When I first heard about Ucardia, I was immediately drawn to the story of its founder, Nick Weber. Nick experienced cardiac rehab firsthand and understands the struggles patients face after heart-related trauma. Seeing his  own father struggle with heart disease and even experiencing the same struggles himself, he can relate to these patients on a more personal level than any other rehab company offering similar services. I'm inspired everyday working for this great company because I believe wholeheartedly in its mission to make cardiac rehab fair, affordable, and above all, equitable.

Q: What makes the Ucardia clinical team stand out to you?

It's such a great honor to lead this talented group of clinicians! Every single member of the Ucardia clinical team has the necessary, real-world experience to help Ucardia patients reach their cardiac rehab goals! Between all of us, we have have an average of 4.5 of years specialty experience in cardiac rehab, 9.5 years of clinical experience, countless rehab recognitions, and even bilingual knowledge of English and Spanish. Our small, but mighty group is truly here to break down barriers! Never before in my career have I seen such a dedicated team of individuals who not only have the qualifications, but also passion to serve these types of patients!

Q: Why is engaging with cardiac rehabilitation patients so important?

Engagement with patients is so incredibly important at every phase of their cardiac rehabilitation journey. Without that constant communication, patients can lose interest and may even fail to complete their program. At Ucardia, we use the app as an additional avenue to meet patients where they are, and do our best to set them up for success by making everything accessible. Features of the app like live monitoring sessions, unlimited messaging and virtual visits via uChat make engagement effortless.

Q: How do you support patients after they have graduated from cardiac rehab?

Treating heart attack survivors like Nick and his father doesn't end after successful completion of the cardiac rehab program. Here at Ucardia, we believe in a direct-to-patient (DTP) approach after graduation, meaning patients can continue their heart health journey with the same dedicated exercise physiologists they started the program with. Our goal is to not just churn out patients through our program (like I've seen with other cardiac rehab programs). We want our patients to keep coming back and, more importantly, continue their progress beyond the standard 36-sessions.

Q: Finally, where do you think cardiac rehabilitation is headed in the future?

Wow, I love that question to end the interview! I think the future of cardiac rehabilitation is very bright! Heart disease is not going away any time soon. More people will need access to this type of virtual care as cases of cardiovascular disease continue to rise. I want Ucardia to be at the forefront of the online healthcare revolution, offering cardiac rehab services eventually to millions of people across the globe!

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