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Flexible Recovery Solutions Extending Cardiac Care Options to More Patients

Ucardia was designed by cardiac rehab insiders to act as an extension of your physical practice. We offer personalized, flexible, and affordable solutions across the spectrum of cardiovascular conditioning – from cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to remote patient monitoring. All of our offerings seamlessly integrate into your staff’s existing workflows without increasing your workload.

Cardiac Rehab
Remote Patient Monitoring

Extend Your Cardiac Rehab Program With Ucardia

Cardiac rehab is a critical step in managing cardiovascular disease, reducing costly readmissions, and improving quality of life of patients. However, 85% of eligible patients do not attend due to access barriers.

Every cardiac rehab is different. Ucardia was built by heart coaches to offer an industry-first partnership with facility-based cardiac rehab to extend care to patients who cannot access traditional options.

Ucardia has built the industry’s leading network of expert cardiac rehab providers that supports your program. Our program is flexible, enabling you to build custom hybrid or home-based programs to maximize your program’s capacity and performance.

Extend access to more patients

Maximize ROI of your program

Increase program retention and adherence

Improve patient outcomes

Drive loyalty to your brand

Prevent readmissions

Improve the patient experience

Support your facility staff

How We Deliver Truly Partnered Cardiac Rehab

Patient Identification, Enrollment, and Onboarding

We ensure a smooth enrollment process for your staff and patients alike with a dedicated clinical success manager experienced in facility-based cardiac rehab. We are able to integrate with your EHR, enabling patient data to reside in one place.

We then deliver the patient their personal cardiac recovery kit, help them set up their services, and introduce them to their dedicated heart coach. We are able to support both in-person and remote enrollment options.

Cardiac Rehab Program

Patients complete the program using Ucardia’s software that allows for check-ins, vitals readings, workouts, education, and video and text chat with Ucardia’s clinical staff. Workouts are personalized for each patient using studio-quality, MET-measured exercises. Workouts are monitored synchronously or asynchronously by Ucardia.

Each patient’s treatment plan is personalized based on one-on-one support from the patient’s dedicated heart coach. Every month, the patient’s treatment plan is reviewed and updated. Ucardia’s platform allows for seamless plan creation, review, and signing.

Creative Program Solutions

The Ucardia clinical team stays in touch with your providers and staff to ensure continuity of care for every patient. Our staff is able to seamlessly pass patients back-and-forth with your staff, enabling you to run a hybrid program model. We are also able to communicate symptoms, gaps-in-care, and medication issues to the patient’s provider, as well as facilitate scheduling for in-person appointments as needed. 

We are also able to help support other areas of program optimization, such as reducing in-facility no-shows and improving reimbursement capture.

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Add Remote Patient Monitoring to Any Cardiac Program With Ucardia at Home

Ucardia at Home allows providers to proactively manage patients through daily data collection, allowing for identification of patient progress.

Our RPM program allows for real-time assessment and intervention, ensuring treatment is effective and needed in-person care is scheduled. The program can be staffed by Ucardia’s clinical network to ensure maximum program enrollment without additional staff burden.

RPM is widely reimbursed and appropriate for a wide range of cardiovascular diagnoses, not just those seen in facility-based cardiac rehab, making it an ideal addition to physician clinics as well as hospital-affiliated programs.

How It Works

Patient Identification, Enrollment, and Onboarding

We work with you to identify key goals and enrollment criteria for patients. After creating a customized workflow for your program, Ucardia enrolls appropriate patients, and equips them with the Ucardia at Home app and remote monitoring devices.

Program Management and Reporting

Your staff (or if desired, Ucardia’s staff) prescribe personalized care plans that are remotely monitored through an easy-to-use patient app and connected devices. Each care plan is supervised by the patient’s physician and contains personalized exercise and education content. Patients also have 24/7 chat access with a dedicated Ucardia heart coach.

Ucardia provides monthly reporting and escalates any concerning symptoms directly to your staff to ensure continuity of care and clinically appropriate in-person visits and diagnostics. Ucardia also helps support your staff with required billing.

Improve patient compliance and medication management

Improve patient

Create new revenue streams for your practice

Ensure timely in-person visits and diagnostics

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